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Ep. 168: Deconstruction, A Warning for Women, & A Mandate for Men

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Episode Summary

The kids started listening to a new CCM artist which sparks a conversation around deconstructing your faith and possible sources of that. This rolls us into a conversation about weak-minded women and lazy men and the need to recognize gender weakness propensities with the warning that 2 Timothy gives us. No recipes this week but we do have some listener feed back! Please join us around our digital table!

Episode Notes

Show Open: Caedmon’s Call, Deconstruction, Mr. Red Pen, and Derek Webb.

8:41: Molly’s experience in seminary with intellectual superiority.

10:20: Alisa Childers and Tim Barnett, The Deconstruction of Christianity and an encouragement to doubt your faith and a fear of losing salvation.

18:30: Hyper intellectualism and fear of losing your faith are both gnosticism.

20:25: Paul’s warning against deceitful intellectuals and the application to women and Instagram and internet things.

21:07: A super-rich mormon intellectual cosplay or real? Good or bad? Is this a Godly woman or not? What really matters?

26:10: 2 Timothy is a talking about women for a reason. Them Before Us and men protecting families. The 3Ps of manhood.

30:52: Men should be the protectors in home and church.

34:54: The difference in our empathy levels.

37:10: The appearance of godliness and capturing weak women.

41:05: Feedback from listeners on kids doing hard things.

46:35: Brad Wilcox’s Get Married is a great read.

48:33: A fear of consuming resources over belief that God will provide what we need to flourish is idolatry.54:00: Inflation, the trajectory and the pinch.

57:30: Strivers, progressive speaking but conservative living, divorce rates and the power of good community.

1:10:00: Show Close

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