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Ep. 128: Guilt, Fear, & Freedom to Live

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Episode Summary

It all started when we got chicks. Then something happened. Then we found ourselves working through parenting issues like guilt, shame, lying and encouraging our kids to embrace the, embrace freedom though the practice of confession and repentance. It's became one of those weeks. Anyway, we discuss.

Episode Notes

Open: Phone issues, Visible, and saving money. 4:00: A kid interrupts. 6:39: We got chicks! But we’re missing one. Did a kid murder one? 11:07: Browser tabs and marital humor. 14:14: Being faced with a tremendous about of guilt. 15:18: A question for Islam: What do you do with your guilt? 18:18: How’s that anger working out for you? 19:45: Wanting our kids to find out the sin early so we can guide to repentance and love. 18:50: Responding to our kids when we know someone is guilty. 21:34: Training our children in confession and receiving forgiveness and living in Christ’s righteousness. 24:29: What we want our kids to hear from Psalm 51. 27:09: An internal sense of fear we have to work out. 30:34: Our 8yo asks, “What’s the most important verse in the Bible?” 33:14: Our pastor’s answer…but it’s still adequate. 34:14: Crystallizing the gospel message. 36:14: Recognizing God helps us lead Godly lives and has benefits in this life and the life to come. 39:16: One more thing: Ginger bugs and Ginger Beer results! 43:29: Something Molly really appreciates about the Telegram. Best Nest Box Too Busy to Flush Telegram Group Get $10 in Bitcoin! (Gemini App) Pique Tea - Referral Link (Website)dery

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